Getting Closer to Surgery!

Hey everyone, it’s been a couple months and things are moving along.

Here are the new major things…

On May 25th Dr. Gunson (surgeon) started me on a whole cocktail of pre jaw surgery meds. The medicines are supposed to help protect and prepare my joints for surgery. In total, I take 14 things each day.

June 28th I was officially put into an upper surgical wire!! That day, Dr. Lindeman also cut away the front part of my splint to make room for bottom brackets on my front four teeth.

Currently sporting this look 👀

July 19th, today! I had an appointment with Dr. Lindeman. I had my usual splint adjustment, bottom wire changed and more second molar tork was added to my upper surgical wire. We also took impressions, bite blocks, and other things needed to make working models.

Picture of the notorious face bow 🙇‍♀️

Dr. Lindeman is making an upper splint that will fit around my upper braces. This splint will allow me to fit into full bottom braces and keep our plan for surgery this fall on track. Unfortunately, I still don’t have a set surgery date. Although Lindeman has an idea of how long it will take him to position my teeth for surgery, Dr. Gunson could always want something tweaked. So, still waiting on that news. I still go to Dawn (jaw specialist) every other week to have my jaw stretched and ribs and vertebrae reset. My jaw joints have been popping a lot more than usual and muscles are sore, and feel bruised to the touch. My team said this is all to be expected with heavy wires moving teeth for surgery.

In other news…I am moving back to Wichita, KS, August 1st.

We are a military family and my dad worked at NORAD for a couple years and now we are headed back to McConnell AFB. I’m definitely bummed that I was unable to take advantage of all the amazing activities Colorado has to offer while I was here. It will be nice to be closer to family and friends.

Not going to lie, I definitely have lots PTSD about moving back to Kansas since that is where this absolute jaw nightmare began. However, I’ll be up in the mountains every couple of weeks for appointments and soon will be headed to Santa Barbara for surgery. So, I’ll have Dr. Lindeman, Dr. Gunson, and Dawn to make sure everything is done to perfection! Well, that’s all that’s new for now.

Talk soon,



14 thoughts on “Getting Closer to Surgery!”

  1. Blakely, it sounds like you are making a lot of progress. You will be Back visiting in Colorado, I Am sure. Take good care!! Julie and Ivan

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  2. Hey blakely!!!! I hope your jaw gets better and you get better!! your in my prayers for sure!! So excited though to hear your going to be back in Wichita!!!! yayayaa


  3. From the Owens family in Overland Park, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    You’re a great young lady whose future is bright.

    Hang in there!

    Cathy and Tom


  4. We are so happy to have you and the family back in Wichita. We just found out about your journey and want you to know we are thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers. You are a beautiful young lady, inside and out, and we are looking forward to giving you a big hug once all of this is taken care of. You take care and keep us posted on all the great progress you will have. Neal – Ozlem – Naz & Cem


  5. Hi Blakely,
    We are Rich & Karen Rowe, Ashley’s grandparents. I hope you guys had fun last night. Ashley is so excited that you are back in Wichita.
    We have a group of people who pray everyday at 7:30 am and you are on our prayer list so we pray for you daily. Some serious prayer warriors!!
    Love and Blessings, Rich & Karen


    1. Hi Katy,
      I’m doing well and just added a new post on how things are coming along. Sorry to hear about your slower recovery…this surgery is sooo hard! Sending a prayer your way!


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