This Girl Has a Surgery Date!!

Hey everyone!

It’s been quite a while since my last blog post and sooo much has happened.

To start, I officially moved back to Wichita, Kansas and have traveled over eight thousand miles since August. Someplace exotic? Nope…just trips to Denver multiple times a month to see Dawn (jaw specialist) and Dr. Lindeman (ortho). I still have issues with ribs and vertebrae staying in place and painful days that accompany this jaw problem. Due to the severity of my open bite, my jaw muscles have been way over stretch for nearly two years. This has finally caught up with me and I now have the constant feeling of a terribly bruised face. According to my doctors, this was expected and will get better once my jaws are repositioned in surgery.

Dr. Lindeman has been working like crazy. I was placed in a new upper surgical splint. This is the last splint I will EVER HAVE! In addition, full bottom braces were placed and my lower molars were all banded for surgery. I now have both surgical wires and all the metal tubes and bands needed for surgery.


Pic of us taking pics


Pic of my upper splint in and me biting down (not a look I would recommend)


Pic of my open bite…this is as far as I can close 😦

We took molds and pictures four weeks ago and sent then to Dr. Gunson (surgeon) for review. I just returned from Denver a few days and got a call from Dr. Gunson’s team yesterday that my teeth are perfectly positioned for surgery. Sooo, drum roll pleaseeeee.


I have to get surgical hooks soldered onto my wires and have my jaw stretched one last time before I go under the knife. So I’ll leave November 26th and drive to Denver to have that done and then head to California. On Dec. 3 & 4, I’ll be in the hospital all day for surgical testing and imaging. Then Dec. 5 I go under the knife. I absolutely cannot wait to have my teeth touch again! It’s been so long that I can’t remember the feeling or even what I look like to have a normal smile. I know this surgery is going to be tough and I’m not looking forward to the pain that will come once I wake up, but am so thrilled that I finally have a light at the end of this exhaustingly long and painful tunnel!

The next time a blog post is published I will be writing to you from SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA!!! AHHH!

1 thought on “This Girl Has a Surgery Date!!”

  1. Hi Blake, that is grrreat news. I’d say there isn’t a soul on the planet more desirous of Thanksgiving Day coming and going, than you, and certainly not for the traditional reason. Grandma and I and everybody here have you in our prayers and know that you’ll soon be back to your old , bubbly self. Just one more month and . voila, you’ll have to change the title of your blog. God Bless.


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