‘Twas the Night Before Surgery


I’m writing to you all from Santa, Barbara, California! Yep, that’s right the time has officially come! Santa Barbara is beautiful so no complaints about recovering here.

First, we headed to Denver for orthodontic and PT appointments.

Dr. Lindeman (ortho) soldered surgical hooks to my upper and lower wires.

Later that day, I saw Dawn (jaw specialist) for PT and my FINAL JAW STRETCH EVER! Alleluia! My jaw joints have been manually stretched down and out of socket for one year and I can’t believe it’s finally over! Every time Dawn laterally distracted my right jaw joint it would tighten and resist. She had to hold it still for a while until it loosens and relaxed into the movement. However, this time, BOTH joints gave immediately and glided perfectly! THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!

To top it all off, NOTHING WAS OUT OF PLACE – no ribs, spinal or neck vertebra, temporal bones, atlas, hips NOTHING! This is the first time everything has been in place since becoming sick two years ago! Needless to say, we were thrilled and Dawn and Lindeman both agreed I could not be more ready and prepared for this surgery!

It took 34 hours from Wichita to reach our hotel in Santa Barbara. Wow long drive…

Yesterday, I had my first day of pre-surgical appointments and finally met Dr. Gunson and his team in person. They took molds, pictures, measurements, and ran lots of scans. Dr. Gunson has pioneered jaw surgery techniques and is the best in the world at what he does! He has operated on people from all over the world including princesses and famous Hollywood stars. So blessed to have this surgeon!

The appointments went well and although there are many risks with a major surgery he is confident it will be a success.

Now that I’m less than 24 hrs away…I am scared to death!

I have total confidence in my surgeon, but am not ready to wake up from this surgery and deal with the extensive recovery ahead. 😦

This afternoon, I finished my day 2 pre-op appointments.

Scheduled arrival time at the hospital tomorrow is 6 am and Dr. Gunson will cut at 7:30 am. The surgery is expected to take 6-7 hours. After, I’ll stay in recovery for 2-3 hours to wake up, and then move into a hospital room where my family can visit. I’m so ready to be better, have my teeth touch, and DITCH THIS SPLINT!

If you could all keep me, my surgeon and his team in your prayers for a perfect surgery and quick recovery I would really appreciate it! Thanks to all of you who have followed along on my journey to double jaw and palate surgery—the time has finally come!

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